How To Order Super Savers Club Card?

Basic information about Super Savers Club Card

Super Savers Club Card

If you want to throw a party for your children or friend, then get super savers club card. They will give you amazing offers and discounts. The Super Savers Club Card program (“SSCC program”) is for their loyal shoppers and customers who are also participating in Savers, Value Village and Village des Valeurs thrift stores.

They give you amazing discounts around 20% on birthdays, anniversaries and your happy events. You can subscribe on their website to get updates with the new and latest events, promotions and online contests. So, what are you waiting for? Go on super savers club official website and get yourself registered for the card.

Guidelines for the registration of Super Savers Club Card

Super Savers Club Card

It is quite easy to be a part of super savers club. There are just a few steps that you have to have followed. You have to go to the website They will ask for your personal information and account details to get you registered online. Once you have got your confirmation, take out a print of it.

Then, come to your nearest store of super savers club and show it to get participated in the getting the card. Once you have got a message for the registration you re all set to get your card soon. They are the leaders in the retail industry. If you become a member of super savers club card member, you will get great shopping experience at:

  • Special Events
  • E-Newsletters
  • Member Only Coupons
  • Exclusive Online Content and Contests
  • Special Birthday Offer

Eligibility of applying for super savers club card

Super Savers Club Card

There is an eligibility criterion for applying for a super savers club card. You must check out the criteria before applying for the super savers club card because it will save your and their time as well.

  1. You should be a resident of the United State or Canada.
  2. Be at least 18 years old or you should be legal.
  3. The only human being can enroll. No corporations, partnerships, limited liability company, trust.
  4. You should have a legitimate postal address and an active email address and telephone number

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