How To Order My Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card?

Basic Information about Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card

Are you a person who is interested in ordering Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card? Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card is accommodated to the Spanish customers. There is no record as a consumer check or credit history, no standardized savings number, and no financial balance required in this type of MasterCard.

Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card

With this card, your cash is secured if your card is lost or stolen. Your cash is FDIC-secured up to $250,000 by the administration. You can pay you any type of bills on the online or by phone. You can use this card where ever at  MasterCard is accepted.

It is a prepaid card, not a Mastercard. So you don’t have to stress over expense. Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank in accordance with a permit from MasterCard International Incorporated. There is no danger of overdraft charges or debit.  If it’s lost or stolen, your cash is protected. They will for sure give it to you.

Save time and cash by maintaining a strategic distance from cash requests and checking to money so, utilize the Univision Card instead. After you add cash to your Card, you can utilize it anyplace MasterCard Debit is accepted. Around the world, you can use it. You can make buys at stores, eateries, on the web, and via telephone. In addition, the Card likewise gives a more straightforward approach to pay bills, enabling you to pay online.

Guidelines for using Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card

Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card

Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card is a card that is accepted worldwide. You can make purchases at stores, restaurants, online and over the phone. It is a simpler way to pay the bills online. Univision offers a Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not happy with the services, you can your return it within 30 days and you will get the refund with a monthly fee. You don’t have to go to the bank for using the card or get the card. When you use the card, the money will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

For seeking help about Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card

Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card

You can use the card at the bank in the nearest branches. If you find any problem or you need any assistance, you can call on the customer service that is 24/7 available for you (direct dial international 1-904-425-9077). They have an address as well so you can mail them on at Univision MasterCard Prepaid Card, P.O. Box 111, Presque Isle, Maine 04769-0111.

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