Have An Access To Rapid Rewards Shopping for reward points!

Who doesn’t want a chance to win a free round trip to their favorite location? Well now that is not just a wild dream, fortunately the Rapid Rewards Shopping program launched recently by Southwest Airlines offers members the opportunity if they make a purchase from southwest airlines or partner retailers.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Rapid Rewards Shopping program today and start getting your Rapid Rewards. This article is designed to help guide you to enroll in the program and start saving and earning rewards for being a loyal customer to Southwest Airlines.

Rapid Rewards Shopping program

Instructions to join Rapid Rewards Shopping program

The whole point of the Rapid Rewards Shopping program is to reward loyal customers of Southwest Airlines and show support for them for shopping in Southwest Airlines or other collaborative stores with bonus points for flights and other redemptions. The best part is that the rewards have no expiration date.

So don’t wait a second longer, and enter the Rapid Rewards Shopping online and register to be a Rapids Rewards member or directly login into your account. During the sign in process you have the option to choose to receive Southwest weekly emails on the latest flight deals or monthly ones with new promotions and company news. Meanwhile members have the chance to earn 500 points by subscribing to the Rapid Rewards Report and the Rapid Rewards Email update concerning travel services.

Once you finish with the enrollment process, you will get a valid account number for shopping online. Now you can go back to the homepage and pick up a store to make a purchase. You have the option to sort by category or refer the recommended stores as well as featured stores. Please keep in mind to compare offers and prices to maximize your points when you shop around.

If you are looking to redeem points for flights the rapid rewards membership card, Rapid Reward Premier Business card or Plus card is a necessity. You have the option to apply for them by spending $1000 in the first 3 months and you will also receive 25000 bonus points. The points will be posted to your account with in 6 to 8 weeks. The annual fee for Premier business card and plus is $99 and $69 respectively, you also receive 6000 and 3000 bonus points provided after your card member anniversary.

Rapid Rewards Shopping program

About Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines, founded in 1967 by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher, is the largest domestic passenger airline in America. Its headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. The airline acquired AirTran Airways in 2011. Since August 2012, it has operated over 3,400 flights per day. 

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