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Now AT&T offers AT&T Rewards & Rebates Centers programs exclusively for customers who have bought or subscribed to AT&T during the promotional periods. It will take about 8 weeks before you finally reap the benefits of being a loyal customer to AT&T. This ranges from activating services, receiving reward notifications to finally redeeming the rewards. AT&T generally offers rewards in the form of checks, cash or cards which deployed for future purchase or bill paying at AT&T or you can shop at other stores.

The AT&T Rewards and Rebates Center

Did you know that now AT&T enables its guests to easily manage their earnings and offers such as redeeming gifts, offers, promotions, and their status via the Rewards and Rebates center.

Where to find an AT&T Rewards and Rebates Center

The AT&T rewards and rebates is the best way for customers to target all AT&T promotional benefits. There are 2 sub centers under it- AT&T reward center and AT&T wireless rebate processing center. The AT&T reward center is designed specifically for customers of AT&T U-verse or DIRECTV. While the AT&T wireless rebate center is used by customer already on AT&T wireless plan to manage their earnings.

Redeem your AT&T rewards NOW!

First you have get a letter via mail notifying you that you can redeem your rewards. This happens when you remain service active for 30 days and U-verse may actually take more time before sending the letter. But when the letter is received you can redeem reward cards or other rewards with the redemption ID or confirmation number enclosed in the letter. The rewards will come within 4 weeks of the redemption process.

AT&T reward cards and AT&T promotion cards

There are 2 types of cards that customers can enjoy- the AT&T reward card and the promotion cards. The reward card is mainly a prepaid visa card awarded to AT&T U-Verse and DIRECTV customers. On the other hand the promotion cards are called AT&T wireless rebate card, these can be won through AT&T wireless service subscription or refer a friend program.


You can use both cards to make purchases or to pay AT&T bill with any additional fee charged. Both cards are not accepted at automated gasoline pumps.


The reward is usually only valid for about 3 months so don’t wait until the last moment to activate and start using it. It can’t be used after the expiration date has passed. In case you lose your card there is a $7 replacement fee. The expiration of the promotional card is 5 months.

About AT&T

AT&T is American multinational telecommunications corporation that is serving millions of enterprises and multinational business corporations across six continents. Founded in 1983 and its headquarters located in Whitacre Tower Dallas, TX.


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